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התחייבות על קבלת ציוד

בכדי להבטיח שהציוד שאנחנו תורמים מגיע ליעד הנכון אנו נדרשים לבקש ממקבלי הציוד לחתום על התחייבות על קבלת הציוד, שתאשר שימוש הולם בציוד. 

לשאלות אנא פנו אלינו באמצעות המייל


לחתימה על התחייבות לקבלת ציוד לחצו כאן

או סרקו את הקוד:



We are an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to Operation Israel are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Due to the massive mobilization of 360,000 reserve troops, Israel requires a vast variety of equipment to meet shortages. We have successfully shipped millions

of dollars worth of critical gear to Israel’s front lines, complementing the efforts

of the Israeli Defense Forces. The war has significantly impacted Israel’s supply chain, and Operation Israel’s contribution is extraordinarily important.


Vital military and medical equipment range from body armor and other tactical gear to medical devices, including portable cardiac monitors and ultrasound machines, due to the number and complexity of injuries in the field. With winter here, soldiers also need hand warmers, neck gators, tents, and thermal clothing.


The safety and security of the IDF is our top priority. The Operation Israel team shares a heartfelt commitment to Israel’s future, our soldiers, and our people.
We remain fully engaged in accomplishing more, driven by the unity of Israel,

our love of Israel and the nation’s indomitable spirit of resilience.


AM YISRAEL CHAI - עם ישראל חי

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